Farlow 29 Specifications    
*Rim weights are +/- 10g
**Wheel weights are with CX-Ray spokes with alloy nipples
***Recommended build tension is 120 kgf
Please read the FAQ for other questions.
Weight Rim 430g*
Weight I9 Wheelset 1569g**
Weight Hope Wheelset 1646g**
Weight King Wheelset 1648g**
Weight DT 240S Wheelset 1554g**
Weight Project 321 Wheelset 1602g**
Weight DT 350 Wheelset 1621g**
Weight Onyx Wheelset 1837g**
ERD 589
Asymmetric Offset 2.6mm
Spoke Hole Drilling Asymmetric, 5 deg
Max Tension 200 kgf***
Depth 25mm
Width 35mm external, 29mm internal
Hole Count 32, 28, 24 (custom order only)
Tubeless Ready Yes
Finish Satin Unidirectional Carbon
Tech Features UniWeave™, RockGuard HL™, Anti-Burp Bump™ 
Rider Weight Limit none

Nox Farlow Rim

R8 999,00Price