New for ’17 is the Elev8 dropper post. When we sat down to design our post, we didn’t want to just do a “me too” product, if we were going to enter the category we wanted to be better. We looked at all the complaints that people had about other dropper posts and looked at ways to solve them. This lead to a number of innovative features in the Elev8. Our patented SquareBore® technology incorporates needle bearings rather than the keys that other posts use, this virtually eliminates the post from ever developing side to side play. To ease maintenance and service time, we use a sealed hydraulic cartridge to control the travel adjusting duties that can easily be changed without having to remove the post from the frame. We also use a twin bolt seat post head so your saddle is not going to slip position. The post is available in 30.9 and 31.6 diameters, in 80, 100,125, and 150mm drop options with either an over or under bar lever.


FUNCTION Hydraulic Height Adjustment Seat Post
TRAVEL 80,100,125,150 mm
FEATURES External Hydraulic Remote Operated
DIAMETER 30.9 / 31.6 mm
LENGTH (TRAVEL/LENGTH) 405/425/450mm
WEIGHT 810-820g (30.9 mm) 850-860g (31.6mm)


Needle Bearings

Our patented SquareBore® technology incorporates 32 needle bearings rather than alloy keyways, that other posts use, to prevent side to side rotation. This system virtually eliminates the chance that the post will ever develop side to side play.

RST Elev 8 H

R3 500,00Price