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We got many inquiries in the past asking if they can wear liner socks inside the DexShell waterproof socks. The answer was always Yes. To meet our customers' needs, we have developed our liner socks with our engineered DEXDRI™ performance yarns. These single-layer super thin, but very durable, socks are designed to be the best mate of our waterproof mid-calf socks, but they are also suitable to wear on their own. The DEXDRI™ yarns feature zero moisture absorption, outstanding thermal insulation, and superb abrasion resistance. These socks are knitted with reinforced elastic, providing the desired support around the ankle and under the arch.


No membrane lining

Dexshell DEXDRI™ Liner Mid Calf Socks

    • 80% DEXDRI™ (Polypropylene)
    • 15% Polyamide
    • 5% Elastane
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