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You love your old phone or phone case and don't want to change. But still you want to enjoy the freedom and convenience of the Fitclic mounting system. Stick a U-TAG! It is the ultimate Fitclic MountCase substitute for any phones or cases. Simply stick it on the back of your phone or case and you are ready to go. The U-WALL Fitclic universal adhesive mount is the coolest, easiest and fastest solution for mounting securely your smartphone around your home, kitchen, bathroom, office, lab, workshop... or anywhere you want to.


- Compatible with all Fitclic mounts and cases 
- 3M VHB self adhesive backing 
- Designed for flat, non-porous surfaces made of the following material: o Aluminum o Steel o Glass o Porcelain/ceramic o Nylon o PU o ABS o PC o PVC o Acrylic 
- All your smartphone functionalities within easy reach 
- Single hand operation 
- Portrait or landscape mounting 
- Dimensions : 39 x 39 x 6.5mm (U-TAG); 36x36x12mm (U-WALL) 
- Weight : 6g (U-TAG); 8g (U-WALL) 
- Package includes U-TAG (1 pc), U-WALL (1 pc) and alcohol cleaning pad (2 pcs),


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