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Gel X Pro is for the athlete who chooses to aim high, whose desire is to push the limits and go further, faster. A superior energy fuel for athletes looking for quality, clean nutrition that tastes good and is highly effective.

Like all Fixx Products, our new Gel X PRO is All Natural, Gut Friendly, Gluten-Free, Vegan Friendly, & PRESERVATIVE-FREE.

  • Quickly Ingested & Easily Digested.
  • No cane sugar or syrups.

Fixx Gel X Pro 40G Vanilla Maple

  • Dual Source Energy Gel with a 1:.08 Carbohydrate Fructose Ratio that improves the efficiency of utilisation on ingested carbohydrates, reduces the utilisation of carbohydrates stored

    and can help reduce symptoms of stomach bloating & nausea.

    • 120 Calories
    • 29.3g Carbohydrates

    Key additions to help performance:

    • 220mg Sodium, Electrolyte Replenishment
    • 400mg Alanine, Amino Acid to help regulate blood sugar
    • 50mg Naturally Occurring Caffeine

    Made in Australia.

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