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Outdoor Elements Lala Hammock is made from lightweight nylon fabric for easy traveling and comfortable. The whole system is included and easily adjustable for you to take anywhere to set up, you just need to find two attachment points. Each system includes two clip gate carabiners, two adjustable straps, and a carry bag attached to the hammock to help you not lose it.



- Easy packing storage bag

- Max 200kg weight limit. can support two adults

- 210T Nylon fabric breathable and quick dry.

- Reinforced triple stitching.



- Don't exceed the weight limit of 200kg

- Don't hang your hammock higher than 50cm off the ground.

- Check that the area beneath the hammock is free of sharp objects, rocks, or other debris that could create a hazard.

- Before every use, fully inspect your gear, including carabiners and rope for snags, fraying, or anything unusual.

- Do not permit children to use hammock unattended.

-Do not jump or swing aggressively in the hammock.

- Always test the hammock to ensure it is hung correctly before putting your full weight into it.

- Do not stack hammocks

- Do not Modify your hammock: aftermarket modifications will void your warranty.

- Do not untie hammock knot (found at the ends of the hammock)

- Failure to adhere to these instructions/guidelines may result in serious injuries or death.



-Width 200cm
-Length 300cm

-Weight 600gram

Outdoor Elements Lala Hammock

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