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The Outdoor Elements King Spreader is the perfect mosquito net for household use for King and Queen-size Beds. It achieves spacious interior space through the use of foldable fiberglass poles which create a 1.62m square upper roof, ensuring the fabric hangs far away from you and is fully closed. This is achieved with a single hanging point of attachment. It can be used on beds with a width of up to 200cm. It has 3-side openings to facilitate access and is completely sealed with a zip.




Material: 100% Polyester                                                                  Frame: Fiberglass poles

Mesh: Hexagonal 500 holes/2-inch                                             Openings: 3 Zip Opening Sides

Colour: White                                                                                        Added floor skirting for improved draping

Height: 275cm                                                                                      Weight: 1182 g

Shape: Rectangular with 1 fixing point

Outdoor Elements Mosquito Net King

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