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Aonijie running poles offer many advantages, particularly in longer races or on technical sections. They take the stress off muscles and joints and in the process, help stave off fatigue. You can save valuable energy and move more efficiently with the correct pole technique.

Carbon fiber poles are especially light and sturdy, but also allows less vibrations on the joints. 


*Please note that poles are sold as a single item and not as a pair.

Aonijie Carbon Running Pole - Single

R1 099,00Price
    • Weight: 116g (110cm) ; 121g (120g)
    • Size: 110cm ; 120cm
    • Carbon
    • 4 Piece Foldable Segment
    • Handle: Eva
    • Wristband: Polyester Fibre, Hypalon
    • Tip: Tungsten Cobalt Alloy
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