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The Talon’s two pieces clip together to form a neat tool for breaking and fixing quick-links on chains.

It pairs super-strong fibre-reinforced nylon levers and stainless-steel tips. There’s also room to store a spare quick-link so you’re never left in a jam.


The tool works with 9 to 12-speed quick-links and chains.

Granite Talon Tyre Levers

    • Dimension: 8(H) x 19(W) x 130(L)mm / 2pc
    • ​Weight: 40g / 2pcs
    • Color: Black
    • Contains 2 tyre levers and a chain quick-link remover
    • Super-strong nylon levers paired with stainless-steel tips
    • Lightweight and compact, easy to carry on the roads or the trails
    • Built-in storage for a pair of chain quick links
    • Designed to change your inner tube with ease and remove the chain quick link efficiently
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