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The Outdoor Elments Gas Refill Adapter can shift isobutane gas from Lindal Valve gas canister to Lindal Valve gas canister. It is a useful tool for your camping, backpacking, hunting, BBQ, barbecue and other outdoor occasions. Eliminates those bundle of 1/4 empty-use canisters on your trips. Save costs on fuel.



Outdoor Elements Gas Refill Adapter

    • Makes Gas refilling possible and easy
    • Leak-proof rubber ring
    • Built-in vent valve can reduce the internal pressure of the cartridge on the bottom side
    • Fuel flow rate adjuster
    • Save cost on gas fuel
    • Lightweight 30g
    • Folded Dimensions: 4.5x1.5x2.9cm
    • Unfolded Dimensions: 9x1.5x2.9cm
    • Material: Super Duralumin, Brass, Rubber
    • Compatible with EN417 Lindal Valve(screw-on/threaded type canister) Cannot be used on non-threaded valves or valves with short pins
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